To avoid pet loss in the future, pet trackers are necessary. Nowadays, more and more people are keen on feeding some pet at home and they almost treat the pet as their family members. If their pets lost, they must feel sad, or may be crazy. What will you do if your pets lost? Go to the police station ask for help? Paste the advertisement on the street? Or make advertisement on radio, TV or other media? Those all are not the medicines for the headache.

Now get one from Meitrack to tracking your pet anyway and anytime.


Meitrack MT90 is such a waterproof GPS/GSM GPS tracker for pet, which is can be worn around your pet’s neck. Dual tracking mode helps you track pet by GSM stations while no GPS signal.

Meitrack MT90 is 35% smaller and 27% lighter than Meitrack first generation GPS pet locator. It is more simple to configure, its accelerometer is good for power saving and motion detection. The latest GPS Chipset SiRF-Start IV with -163dB GPS sensitivity and 48 channels help you to get signals from GPS satellites more accurate and faster. Pet’s location will be send to your mobile phone after you make a call to MT90.With IP65 waterproof function, MT90 works easily in the rainy day.


GT60 is such a GPS/GPRS based pet tracker, which is compact and easy to use for your need.
GT60 has inbuilt GPS module to obtain accurate position data and utilized GSM capability to send the position data to a specified mobile phone or server base to allow users to monitor pets using the tracker. User can also access the free Google earth maps to locate or monitor remote target.


GT30i is Meitrack’s first device for GPS pet tracking and has been greatly improved recently and is now one of the best accepted pet trackers. GT30i supports emergency alarm and 2-way voice communication via earphone. With its internal memory, GT30i can store GPS coordinates when there is no GPRS connection or log at a specified interval requested by the user.


MT80i is a compact tracking device with large memory, removable battery, inbuilt GPS and GSM antennas. It can be put on pet’s neck, in your bag or packet and held with belt via its clip. On a single charge it works for about 20 hours. It’s very suitable for pets.

Meitrack’s GPS trackers for pet are made by sophisticated technology, they are all in deft design, with dependable performance, easy and simple to handle, convenient to take, durable in use, and well known for the world class quality, which to enjoy high reputation at home and abroad.