Are you looking for quality motorcycle GPS trackers but you don’t really know that much about it? Aren’t sure if you want waterproof? Long standby time? Easy to use? Read on for some useful tips on determining quality while shopping.

Good-looking with IP66 Waterproof:

Stealing motorcycles are often seen in every country. Are you suffering the same annoyance? Meitrack motorcycle GPS trackers would help you on this matter. With undetectable appearance, it is also waterproof (IP 66 degree), therefore, no need to worry about being damaged by rain.

Anti-theft Motorcycle GPS Tracker:

Unfortunately, what to do with the stolen motorcycle? No worries. Controlling the motorcycles is available by cutting its oil via cell phone or tracking system.

Knowing the vehicle’s position by the cell phone or the tracking platform is pretty convenient, no matter where it goes or parks.

Automatic Tracking:

Tracking the motorcycles by time or distance interval is available. The trackers will send data to the tracking server on a certain pre-set period. Whatever it is parked or being driven. Global tracking is also available. 2G GSM network SIM card is worldwide used, therefore, even the motorcycles stolen to other countries, you still can find and get it back.

Working with Tracking Platform:

Tracking platform is for personal use and for vehicle management, so many commands are available on the tracking platform, it is not only convenient but it costs less. The tracking platform is visualized to monitor the fleet specific position, and the history data, including replaying the trace to make you everything under control. To check the mileage the motorcycle has driven is available on the tracking platform. You can see alarms directly or sensor reports on the tracking system.

User Friendly:

You can choose to attach the tracker to the motorcycle via adding magnet or fixing it via screws. Easy installation is one of the motorcycle characteristics, connecting the tracker with the motorcycle battery is to supply power for the motorcycle, so there is no need to worry the battery, even if the vehicle just parks there, the tracker will work with its own battery to keep touch with the tracking platform and the authorized phone number.


There is 4M internal memory inside the motorcycle GPS tracker. Do you need to log down the trace every second to make a record?  When there is no GSM signal, the tracker will record the coordinate automatically inside the 4M memory, and then you won’t miss any tracking point of it.

When there is no GPS signal, A-GPS helps to locate the vehicle.