About the GPS Logger

A GPS logger simply logs the position of the device at regular intervals in its internal memory. Modern GPS loggers have either a memory card slot, or internal flash memory and a USB port. The purpose of this device is to log your GPS coordinates at specified intervals to a file on your SD card and the route record can be exported with a computer. GPS logger records your track, time and location for viewing on mapping application such as Google Earth. It helps to map and graph your running, riding, hiking and much more.

GPS logging is a very important function or part of any GPS tracking devices. Meitrack develop and manufacture a series of GPS vehicle trackers and personal trackers with GPS logger module.

GPS Trackers use the logger for following functions:

1. Record your movement over time – the following values will be stored:
Longitude / latitude
Accuracy for longitude & latitude values
Current altitude
Current course/heading
Current speed
Name of location
2. Outdoor navigation
Save current location to use it later; Load and display a previously recorded path
3. Export recorded paths

If you lose your direction to your destination or get lost in a strange environment, the GPS logger can help to trace back your route. Meitrack MT600 is the newest arrival of the GPS data logger/ RFID read tracker with two-way communication, low battery alarm and camera.

Core Features of MVT600 GPS Logger

1. Not only report latitude, longitude, altitude, speed and directions, but also link for quick access to Google maps on your smart phone
2. Dual tracking mode helps you track by GSM station while there is no GPS signal
3. Log the route at an interval of 1s while a common logger takes 10s to log the route
4. Monitor and manage the vehicle by historical report. It can record the data for 6 months by 3 minutes interval


MVT600 GPS data logger can be widely used for tracking vehicles, employees, children and elderly, geo tag pictures, recording hiking/biking/flying/racing routes for analysis, tracing your routes in travelling, expeditions in desert, exploration in forest and many other out-door activities.