Along with rapid development of auto industry and increasing demand of taxi and bus service in modem city, it brought heavy traffic, vehicle safety and fleet management issues, especially taxi fleet management.

Establishing a set of advanced, efficient, stable and reliable tracking and monitoring vehicle system is the most effective solution to improve taxi fleet management and service.

Meitrack launched GPS GPRS tracker MVT600 with real time tracking, dispatching and anti-burglar alarm function etc. Through this system, enterprises can improve vehicle utilization and management for vehicle and driver, enhancing the competitiveness as below.

1) Ensuring driver’s and property security

2) Reducing driver labor intensity and improving the economic income

3) Convenient to passengers, improved the city socialized service level

Our Advantages

  1. Reliable product quality with 1 year guarantee;
  2. Competitive and reasonable price, 20 to 30 percent lower than our competitors;
  3. Strong R&D consists of 20 hardware and software engineers;
  4. CE and FCC approval
  5. 2-day delivery,1year Guarantee
  6. New product launch of more than 4 items in every quarter
  7. A monthly output capacity of 100,000 units
  8. Trusted by large-scale enterprises

How’s Fleet Management System Works

What’s New of MVT600?

  1. Connecting LCD, you can enjoy two-way audio, text communication, navigating and dispatching
  2. Connecting Camera, you can monitor vehicle by taking picture
  3. Connecting RFID Reader, you can lock vehicle and open it only by authorized ID card.
  4. Connecting Handset phone, two-way audio and text communication is available.

Power Applicable

  1. Power supply: 9V~36V.
  2. Built-in backup battery: Rechargeable 850mAH/3.7 V

Tracking Methods

  1. Real time tracking by online software via GPRS
  2. Real time tracking by cell phone via SMS/GPRS


  1. In-built 4M Flash Memory
  2. It can store up to 180,000 way points
  3. Auto log when GSM offline
  4. It will automatically store location data when there is no GPRS signal and sent it again once signal recovers

Various Alerts

Such as emergency alarm, device disconnected alarm, Antenna disconnected alarm etc to anti-theft.

Various Reports

Such us total history report, total mileage, stop report etc. for fleet management.

Optional Accessories

  1. Relay: cut off engine
  2. Microphone and Speaker: for wiretapping and voice communication
  3. Inbuilt Super Magnet
  4. Handset Phone
  5. Camera
  6. RFID Reader
  7. LED Display
  8. LCD Display

Interface of GPS GPRS Tracker MVT600

  1. 3 Digital Input as picture
  2. 3 Output as picture
  3. 3 Analog as picture
  4. 2 RS232 as picture
  5. 1 port for RFID Reader
  6. 1 USB port
  7. 1 Earphone and Microphone port


  1. Standard Accessories:
  2. GPS Antenna
  3. GSM Antenna
  4. I/O Cable
  5. SOS Button
  6. USB Data Cable
  7. CD

Optional Accessories:


  1. LED Display
  2. Camera
  3. LCD Display
  4. Handset
  5. Temperature Sensor
  6. Super Magnet
  7. Fuel Sensor
  8. Microphone
  9. RFID  Reader
  10. Relay
  11. Speaker

More information, please visit our website www.meitrack.net