China’s GPS tracker industry is gaining rapid growth from 2010 as worldwide economies start to recover from the global financial crisis.

Actually, many suppliers expect sales volume increase in 2011 as the market for GPS tracking expands to more and more potential countries in the world.

Progress in developing technologies keeps helping stable growth in this line. Friendly user interface, flexible wireless communication and functional secondary development become more and more important factors in the procedure of R&D.

Meanwhile, the profit keeps downward due to the up-going cost of materials, such as MCU and modules etc.

China GPS Tacker suppliers continue to focus on the devices which have better performance/price ratio to avoid competing with leading global companies from EU and America.

Below are some of the key developing trends in China GPS tracker industry:

  1. More advanced models and types, especially in GPS trackers for fleet management, will feature multiple capability and compatible to Canbus, OBDII, video, sensors and other secondary development etc.
  2. EU and South America will be the most important target markets for GPS tracker suppliers from China but some also will explore other new potential regions as well.
  3. As many GPS tracking devices use similar MCU and GSM/GPS modules, China suppliers are now trying their best to create more differentiation comparing with other competitors.
  4. China GPS tracker suppliers will face with the great challenge from the rising supply of mobiles phones with GPS location function.

Among these suppliers, Meitrack Group(previously Shenzhen Meiligao Electronics Co., Ltd) is professional in GPS products, with the bulk of production and export consisting of GPS vehicle trackers, GPS personal trackers, GPS tracking systems and solutions.

Meitrack was the first manufacturer of GPS personal trackers from China and now become the biggest supplier and exporter.

Meitrack’s headquarters management team consists of 60 employees. It has two factories in China mainland, three branches companies in LA USA, Twaiwan and Hong Kong. It supplies GPS tracking devices to a number of well-known customers, including China Mobile, British Telecom, and Digicel, AT&T, Vodofone etc.

85% of Meitrack’s production are offered under its own brand “Meitrack”. The rest is especially for OEM and ODM orders from different professional distributors.

Meitrack now sells 14000 units GPS trackers each month, 90% of it are sold to North/South America, EU, Mid-east, South-east Asia, Australia and Russia.

Melitrack’s annual export revenue is estimated to grow more than 40% in 2011.

Meitrack’s R&D team consists of 30 engineers. It will continue to concentrate on improving software/firmware/hardware design capability, with a research budget of 15% of annual revenue.

In Meitrack’s 20,000 square meters and modern factory which only produce GPS trackers. Its team operates mold-making, PCB assembly, firmware and software design, packing and SMT. With these facilities and capacity, Meitrack can produce up to 100,000 units monthly.

Hot export models from Meitrack, including personal GPS trackers, GPS vehicle trackers for fleet management etc.

 GPS product calendar:

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